Is it possible to love someone as much as I love you ?
Your the best brother I never had.
I will always stand by your side .. I promise.
If you get hurt I will always be with you.
And if you cry I would cry with you.
I have never felt this way of missing and loving.
I wish I could come to you.
Even if it just was i minute.
I want to see your sweet face again.
Hear you say you love me in real life instead of on the phone.
I want to say I love you in real life.
It feels like one peace of my heart is missing.
I'm always happy with you.
I couldent be sad.

I Luv U

posted by: Panthea

Aaw söt du e, så det var han du täänkte på :)

Hoppas att han kommer så att du får träffa han :P <3

/love pantburken

2009-12-27 @ 13:02:29
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posted by: friiissd

aaasoo nii e ju inte äns syskon ? är du kär i hnm lr vaad

2010-01-05 @ 00:23:42



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